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UNCSA - Main Theatre

1533 South Main Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

The UNCSA School of Filmmaking opened a state-of-the-art training and exhibition complex in 1997 – a "Studio Village" that embraces a variety of filmmaking functions in a totally integrated and dynamic setting.  A "flat iron" structured building in the Studio Village, the ACE Exhibition Complex includes three state-of-the-art motion picture theatres. Two of the theatres hold 91 seats and the main theatre has a capacity of 296. The theatres are designed to exhibit all formats of film and video – 16mm, 35mm and 70mm in Academy, wide-screen and Cinemascope formats with mono, stereo or digital surround-sound. Adjacent are a large lobby and lounge area.

Film Screening Time Total Running Time
Win Win 7:00pm April 8 106 minutes
Saturday Morning Cartoons 10:00am April 9 64 minutes
Kinshasa Symphony 12:30pm April 9 95 minutes
The Class (Entre les Murs) 3:00pm April 9 128 minutes
Miss Representation 6:00pm April 9 89 minutes
Meek's Cutoff 8:30pm April 9 104 minutes
These Amazing Shadows 10:00am April 10 88 minutes
All the President's Men 12:30pm April 10 138 minutes
The Wonder Year 3:30pm April 10 78 minutes
The Whistleblower 6:30pm April 10 112 minutes
Narrative Shorts 1 12:30pm April 15 95 minutes
The Future 3:30pm April 15 91 minutes
Crab Trap 6:00pm April 15 95 minutes
Rio Sex Comedy 9:00pm April 15 124 minutes
The Day Carl Sandburg Died 10:00am April 16 82 minutes
We Were Here 12:30pm April 16 90 minutes
8 Women (Huit Femmes) 3:30pm April 16 111 minutes
A Beginner's Guide to Endings 6:30pm April 16 92 minutes
On Tour 9:00pm April 16 111 minutes
Genpin 12:00pm April 17 92 minutes
Another Earth 2:30pm April 17 92 minutes
Potiche 7:00pm April 17 103 minutes