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Hanesbrands Theatre

209 North Spruce Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Three years in the making, based on the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and talented individuals in our community, The Arts Council renovated a downtown city block, turning it into the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts – our community’s artistic living room with multi-purpose performing arts and event spaces. The Center is comprised of two new galleries, meeting and event spaces, a café and terrace, the new Hanesbrands Theatre and Sawtooth School for Visual Art.

Film Screening Time Total Running Time
Opening Night Party 9:00pm April 8 180 minutes
Morgen 3:00pm April 12 100 minutes
Cars 6:00pm April 12 117 minutes
Bal (Honey) 3:00pm April 13 103 minutes
Queen To Play 8:00pm April 13 96 minutes
Nénette 12:30pm April 14 70 minutes
Armadillo 3:00pm April 14 100 minutes
I Will Follow 6:00pm April 14 88 minutes
80's Prom Party 9:00pm April 16 180 minutes