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a/perture 2

311 West Fourth Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

a/perture cinema opened in January 2010. The cinema screens a mix of independent, art, foreign, documentary, local and festival films in two 80-seat theatres. Each theater has both 35mm film and video projection capabilities. a/perture offers evening screenings seven days a week, with additional matinees on the weekends. Concessions include beer and wine as well as traditional movie fare. a/perture hopes to bring back the intimate movie-going experience and serve as an alternative destination to the traditional Cineplex.

Film Screening Time Total Running Time
Morgen 10:30am April 9 100 minutes
Home For Christmas 1:00pm April 9 90 minutes
On Tour 4:00pm April 9 111 minutes
The Robber 7:00pm April 9 90 minutes
The Troll Hunter 10:00pm April 9 90 minutes
On Tour 10:30am April 10 111 minutes
to.get.her 1:30pm April 10 86 minutes
Armadillo 4:00pm April 10 100 minutes
Home For Christmas 7:00pm April 10 90 minutes
to.get.her 11:30am April 11 86 minutes
The Off Hours 2:30pm April 11 93 minutes
Curling 5:30pm April 11 92 minutes
Postales 8:30pm April 11 80 minutes
Two Gates of Sleep 11:30am April 12 78 minutes
Kinshasa Symphony 2:30pm April 12 95 minutes
To Be And To Have (Être et avoir) 5:30pm April 12 104 minutes
Genpin 8:00pm April 12 92 minutes
Postales 11:30am April 13 80 minutes
Gabi on the Roof in July 2:30pm April 13 99 minutes
Genpin 5:30pm April 13 92 minutes
Space Tourists 8:30pm April 13 98 minutes
Crab Trap 11:30am April 14 95 minutes
Gabi on the Roof in July 2:30pm April 14 99 minutes
NC Shorts 5:30pm April 14 91 minutes
The Future 8:00pm April 14 91 minutes
Passenger Pigeons 1:00pm April 15 107 minutes
The Day Carl Sandburg Died 4:00pm April 15 82 minutes
The Robber 7:00pm April 15 90 minutes
Bellflower 10:00pm April 15 103 minutes
NC Shorts 10:30am April 16 91 minutes
Bal (Honey) 1:00pm April 16 103 minutes
An African Election 4:00pm April 16 89 minutes
The Future 7:00pm April 16 91 minutes
Rubber 10:00pm April 16 85 minutes
Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story 10:30am April 17 88 minutes
A Beginner's Guide to Endings 1:00pm April 17 92 minutes
Circus Kids 4:00pm April 17 86 minutes
to.get.her 6:00pm April 17 86 minutes