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Saturday Morning Cartoons

A Cloudy Lesson

Directed by: Yezi Xue, USA, 2 minutes, Rating: FM

When old man wind teaches his young apprentice how to blow clouds, the results are at first disappointing, then enchanting.


Directed by: Stanley Moore, Michael Sauls, Michael Klim and Dominic Pallotta, USA, 3 minutes, Rating: FM

An armadillo lives in a perfect world that is threatened when a hunter enters the scene.


Directed by: Martin Sokol, Canada, 2 minutes, Rating: FM

An underperforming chicken is under enormous pressure to produce at work.

Fairy Cake

Directed by: Nilah Magruder, USA, 2 minutes, Rating: FM

A baker's early morning work is interrupted by some unexpected visitors.


Directed by: Jill Hackett, USA, 2 minutes, Rating: FM

A little girl in a pop-up book breaks free into the 3D universe, only to discover the magic of her 2D world as she travels from page to page in search of the perfect home.

Get the Picture

Directed by: Avi Ofer, Israel, 6 minutes, Rating: FM

A curious girl, hungry for excitement, finds an abandoned object which gives her a chance to capture the world from a different angle.

In Dangered Species

Directed by: Matthew James Killian, USA, 2 minutes, Rating: FM

A mischievous alien accidentally sends a human to Earth.


Directed by: John Skibinski, Australia, 3 minutes, Rating: FM

A frilled neck lizard’s simple attempt to get a meal escalates into a full blown dilemma and quest to stay alive.


Directed by: Raul Cardenas and Rafael Cardenas, Mexico, 8 minutes, Rating: FM

A young boy's fascination with the beauty of nature causes him difficulties with his pack leader in this beautifully animated short from Latin America.


Directed by: Rob Silvestri, Canada, 3 minutes, Rating: FM

Ormie is a pig, in every sense of the word. Pig see cookie. Pig want cookie. But they are out of reach... or are they?

Rob Silvestri
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