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Narrative Shorts 2

A Fine Young Man

Directed by: Kevan Funk, Canada, 13 minutes, Rating: MT

They’ve been looking for someone like Pete. Someone honest, upstanding and true. Someone they can put their faith in.  It’s 1962 and the Red Threat looms large over America. As the heart of the Free World measures its strength against the U.S.S.R., a new fear emerges; one with far greater implications then the either the space race or the bomb.

Are You Leaving?

Directed by: Cristina Molino, Spain, 7 minutes, Rating: MT

Silvia has been trapped for a long time in a world which she wants to escape from. This might be her only chance of succeeding...

Hanna In Mexico

Directed by: Jarratt Taylor,
12 minutes, Rating: TN

Following the death of her grandmother, Hanna travels to Mexico. She carries along a guidebook left behind by her grandmother, and what first feels like a whimsical vacation becomes a journey to uncover her family history.


Directed by: Vanya Rose, Canada, 18 minutes, Rating: MT

A passionate young painter lives a regimented life working long hours on little money. Women are seemingly of little interest to him, until he notices a young woman living across the street. His life is soon turned upside down as his days become but quests to catch a glimpse of her.

Little Brother

Directed by: Callum Cooper, UK, 7 minutes, Rating: TN

A teenage boy uses his hearing impairment to escape his daily routine and the responsibility of looking after his wheelchair-bound little brother.

Narrative Shorts 2

This program features shorts that use many different film techniques to tell their stories. From the use of documentary filmmaking techniquesin Hanna In Mexico, animation in Little Brother and even stop motion photography in Are You Leaving?, these filmmakers have found new and unbelievably innovative ways to tell their protagonists’ tales.

The Award

Directed by: Leon Siminiani, Spain, 16 minutes, Rating: MT

Pilar and Manuel prepare for what should be a night of celebration and glamour. It should be. But they’ve been sweeping their relationship under the red carpet for too long...

The Descent

Directed by: Shai Miedzinski, Israel, 20 minutes, Rating: MT

A family who lost its son goes to find a stone that will be a tombstone on his grave. The journey takes place in desert scenes of the craters region of the Negev, places that the son loved and used to visit, and awakens repressed feelings in the family.

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