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A Cloudy Lesson

Directed by: Yezi Xue, USA, 2 minutes, Rating: FM

When old man wind teaches his young apprentice how to blow clouds, the results are at first disappointing, then enchanting.

A Fine Young Man

Directed by: Kevan Funk, Canada, 13 minutes, Rating: MT

They’ve been looking for someone like Pete. Someone honest, upstanding and true. Someone they can put their faith in.  It’s 1962 and the Red Threat looms large over America. As the heart of the Free World measures its strength against the U.S.S.R., a new fear emerges; one with far greater implications then the either the space race or the bomb.

A Moment of Silence

Directed by: Diana Jo Reichenbach, USA, 5 minutes, Rating: TN

A whimsical journey into the subconscious, revealing the thoughts, memories and dreams that lie in the visions of half sleep.

All That You Love Will Be Carried Away

Directed by: Rob Sterling, USA, 12 minutes, Rating: MT

Based on the Stephen King short story of the same name, this film follows a traveling salesman named Alfie Zimmer throughout one night on a stop over in Nebraska.  Alfie’s life is hard and he contemplates ending it all until a few fleeting memories confuse the situation.

Animated Shorts

We have once again scoured the globe and found some truly incredible animated shorts that show a wide array of both

Are You Leaving?

Directed by: Cristina Molino, Spain, 7 minutes, Rating: MT

Silvia has been trapped for a long time in a world which she wants to escape from. This might be her only chance of succeeding...


Directed by: Matray, France, 5 minutes, Rating: MT

Lost in a garbage dump and looking for some human attention, Little Rabbit tries to reach the city with his new mate, Little Indian.

Bathing Micky

Directed by: Frida Kempff,
14 minutes, Rating: MT

Micky has been a member of the local bathing club for almost half a decade. Every day, every season, she swims with her friends at her beloved bathing club. From her story we gain a perspective on ourselves, and on how our existence is but the fruit of coincidence.

Big Birding Day

Directed by: David Wilson, USA, 13 minutes, Rating: TN

A look into the world of competitive bird watching. Marty & Chris, best friends since childhood, travel to Mexico to identify as many birds as possible in 24 hours.

Bygone Behemoth

Directed by: Harry Chaskin, USA, 5 minutes, Rating: MT

A washed-up movie monster relives his halcyon days.

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