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Narrative Feature

35 Shots of Rum (35 Rhums)

Directed by: Claire Denis, France, 100 minutes, Rating: MT

The relationship between a father and daughter is complicated by the arrival of a handsome young man. A widowed subway conductor, approaching retirement, lives with his beautiful grown daughter—the object of a neighbor’s growing romantic interest. The man’s former girlfriend also lives in their building and plays a role in their closely-knit lives.

8 Women (Huit Femmes)

Directed by: François Ozon,
111 minutes, Rating: R

Set in the 1950s, this musical comedy murder-mystery explores the death of the master of a country house by one of the eight women who were in the house at the time of the murder. The film features eight of France’s most celebrated actresses, including Catherine Deneuve, Fanny Ardant, Emmanuelle Béart and Isabelle Huppert.  This film will be presented by film critic Farihah Zaman of The Huffington Post and Reverse Shot magazine.

A Beginner's Guide to Endings

Directed by: Jonathan Sobol,
92 minutes, Rating: MT

Harvey Keitel, Scott Caan (Hawaii Five-O), and The Daily Show’s Jason Jones star in this frenetic comedy about a group of ne’er-do-well brothers who learn upon their father’s death that they may only have a few weeks left to live.  Director to be in attendance for screenings.

A Christmas Tale (Un Conte de Noël)

Directed by: Arnaud Desplechin, France, 150 minutes, Rating: MT

The Vuillard family is no stranger to physical/mental illness, loss and familial disagreements. However, when the matriarch becomes in need of a transplant, the whole family is forced to come together, emotional baggage and all, just in time for Christmas. Featured as the Best Film of 2008 on many critics’ top ten lists, A Christmas Tale features incredible performances from Catherine Deneuve, Mathieu Amalric and Emmanuelle Devos.  This film will be presented by film critic Farihah Zaman of The Huffington Post and Reverse Shot magazine.

A Screaming Man

Directed by: Mahamat-Saleh Haroun,
92 minutes, Rating: MT

A father and son who both serve as pool attendants at a luxury hotel in the country of Chad must negotiate the challenges of a living amid the turmoil of civil unrest. As the web of war inches ever closer to them and the hotel is taken over by new Chinese owners, each must make difficult decisions to ensure the future of the family.

All the President's Men

Directed by: Alan J. Pakula, USA, 138 minutes, Rating: PG

As a companion piece to These Amazing Shadows, we wanted to screen a seminal work that was recently accepted to the National Film Registry in 2010. This incredible film, winner of four Academy Awards, follows two young journalists, Woodward and Bernstein, as they uncover what seemed to be a minor break-in at the Watergate building in DC but instead turned out to be the downfall of President Richard Nixon.

Another Earth

Directed by: Mike Cahill, USA, 92 minutes, Rating: MT

Rhoda Williams, a bright young woman accepted into MIT's astrophysics program, aspires to explore the cosmos.   A brilliant composer, John Burroughs, has just reached the pinnacle of his profession and is about to have a second child with his loving wife.  On the eve of the discovery of a duplicate Earth, tragedy strikes and the lives of these strangers become irrevocably intertwined. Estranged from the world and the selves they once knew, the two outsiders begin an unlikely love affair and reawaken to life.

Bal (Honey)

Directed by: Semih Kaplanoglu,
103 minutes, Rating: MT

Uncertainty enters into the lives of a Turkish family when the year’s honey harvest, their main source of income, is inexplicably lacking.  Winner of the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, Bal’s rich cinematography provides a stunning portrait of young Yusuf as he struggles to grasp the dramatic changes hovering ever nearer with each fading season.     


Directed by: Evan Glodell, USA, 103 minutes, Rating: MT

Best friends Woodrow and Aiden spend all their free time building Mad Max-inspired flamethrowers and weapons of mass destruction in hopes that a global apocalypse will occur and clear the runway for their imaginary gang “Mother Medusa.”  When a charismatic young woman enters the fold, they set off on a journey of love, hate, infidelity and extreme violence more fiery than any of their apocalyptic fantasies.  Director to be in attendance for screenings

Best In Show

Directed by: Christopher Guest, USA, 90 minutes, Rating: PG-13

Bring your canine companion and watch one of the best comedic films of the last decade, sponsored by Ruff Housing and PetSmart. This clever mockumentary focuses on five different groups of dog owners as they prepare for the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show. We will also be promoting and encouraging animal welfare though a partnership with the Forsyth Humane Society. Suggested donation of a can of pet food and/or $2 for the Forsyth Humane Society. Dogs only.

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