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A Beginner's Guide to Endings

Directed by: Jonathan Sobol,
92 minutes, Rating: MT

Harvey Keitel, Scott Caan (Hawaii Five-O), and The Daily Show’s Jason Jones star in this frenetic comedy about a group of ne’er-do-well brothers who learn upon their father’s death that they may only have a few weeks left to live.  Director to be in attendance for screenings.

All the President's Men

Directed by: Alan J. Pakula, USA, 138 minutes, Rating: PG

As a companion piece to These Amazing Shadows, we wanted to screen a seminal work that was recently accepted to the National Film Registry in 2010. This incredible film, winner of four Academy Awards, follows two young journalists, Woodward and Bernstein, as they uncover what seemed to be a minor break-in at the Watergate building in DC but instead turned out to be the downfall of President Richard Nixon.

American Grindhouse

Directed by: Elijah Drenner, USA, 80 minutes, Rating: MT

Spiritedly recounting the genealogy of American Exploitation Cinema, from early classics like Freaks and Reefer Madness to the days of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Blaxploitation and beyond, the film is a subversive crash course on a lesser-known but equally influential side of American film history and features testimony from filmmakers including Joe Dante, John Landis and Larry Cohen.  Director to be in attendance for screenings


Directed by: Janus Metz Pedersen, Denmark, 100 minutes, Rating: MT

Winner of the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival’s Critics’ Week, this bone-jarring war documentary embeds itself with a group of Danish soldiers at Armadillo, a military base in southern Afghanistan.  In his six months on the front lines, director Pederson unflinchingly encapsulates the atmosphere of new millennia warfare and the psychological implications of a life under constant siege.


Directed by: Evan Glodell, USA, 103 minutes, Rating: MT

Best friends Woodrow and Aiden spend all their free time building Mad Max-inspired flamethrowers and weapons of mass destruction in hopes that a global apocalypse will occur and clear the runway for their imaginary gang “Mother Medusa.”  When a charismatic young woman enters the fold, they set off on a journey of love, hate, infidelity and extreme violence more fiery than any of their apocalyptic fantasies.  Director to be in attendance for screenings


Directed by: John Lasseter and Joe Ranft, USA, 117 minutes, Rating: G

In celebration of the soon to be released Cars 2, we are screening one of Pixar Studio’s best films, the original Cars.  This animated gem focuses on a hot-shot race-car named Lightning McQueen who, thanks to his arrogant ways, finds himself stuck in a small town called Radiator Springs having to help fix up the road he ruined.  But, along the way, he learns to adjust his attitude and discovers the true meaning of friendship.

Days of Wrath

Directed by: Charles Redon, France, 22 minutes, Rating: MT

Léopold has an extraordinary body and incredible physical capacities. However he is an undocumented immigrant in France. He is exploited and downtrodden and cannot fight against this injustice. Because people reject him and because their country is inhospitable to him, Léopold can but rise up. This is the story of his ascension.

Motor Psycho

Directed by: Russ Meyer, USA, 74 minutes, Rating: MT

Chosen as a companion for the documentary American Grindhouse, this Russ Meyer film follows two abused characters as they hunt down the gang of men who terrorized them. Meyer, a hero in the Grindhouse movement, knew how to challenge audiences with his gory films. Absolutely not for the faint of heart or squeamish, this film is a campy and ultra-violent example of the Grindhouse movement.


Directed by: Patrick Jean, France, 3 minutes, Rating: TN

Pixelated, old-school video game icons take over NYC (and the the world) in this refreshing, 8-bit spin on the old New York apocalypse scenario.

Read My Lips (Sur mes lèvres)

Directed by: Jacques Audiard, France, 115 minutes, Rating: R

A contemporary thriller set in the streets and offices of a gritty Paris rarely seen on the big screen, this Jacques Audiard (of last year's Oscar-nominated powerhouse A Prophet) classic centers on Carla (Emmanuelle Devos), the partially-deaf main protagonist and her intense relationship with Paul (Vincent Cassel, Black Swan), an ex-con who she hires to be her assistant but quickly becomes her lover and partner in crime.  The film will be introduced by Dr. Tim Palmer, an Associate Professor of Film Studies at UNC-Wilmington.  Dr.

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